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      CulinaryIt takes over 250,000,000 years to form. Natural and distinctively pink, it comes from a time when the Earth was environmentally pure. It is bio-energetically precious in its crystalline structure and is considered the highest quality natural crystal salt available on Earth. Caress your kitchen creations with 100% pure Salt of Life.
Rhythm Bathing
Indulge your skin with these ancient mineral bathing salts. Salt of Life's unique life-giving minerals are absorbed for unequaled softness while providing a gentle but powerful detox. Find out how to use moon rhythms to affect your bathing awesomeness.
ElectrolytesSalt of Life Rocks can be made into a vitality drink called Sole or Yoga Salt, highly beneficial for replenishing electrolytes, enhancing athletic performance, increasing energy and neutralizing the body’s acid/alkaline balance.
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"The most natural salt on Earth"

Introducing Salt of Life

Believed to be one of the most beneficial salts on Earth, Salt of Life is a naturally-occurring crystal salt found only inside the Himalayan Mountain Range.

It comes from an ancient, pristine sea-bed that is renowned for its exceptionally high mineral content.

Salt of Life comes from the Himalayas

Remarkably, this same mineral content is also found in the human body. In identical proportions.  Salt of Life is ethically mined.



Is Cooking your passion?

Culinary Salt of Life

Cook with Salt of Life

1Either professionally or at home? “One taste of Salt of Life will blow your mind,” says Bill Hadikin, owner of Rawthenic Eatery & OK Fruit Distribution Co.

Learn more about the delights of using Salt of Life in the kitchen.

Is a long deep Bath more your thing?

Moon Rhythm Bathing

Bathe with Salt of Life

2Then turn these salts into luxurious mineral baths, making sure to use the Moon Cycles to get the most out of your mineral bathing.

Learn more about Salt of life and Moon Rhythm Bathing.

Moon Phase Calendar

Do you like to get out and Sweat most days?


Yoga with Salt of Life

3Making a ‘Sole’ vitality drink is the most powerful use of Salt of Life, a make-at-home electrolyte used daily by iron men & Yogis (and women who want to make their hair grow fast).

Learn more about Salt of Life Electrolytes.

Tier all three into your life and enjoy!

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