Energizes the body up to nearly 24 hours

Cures dehydration

Stimulates metabolism

Prevents muscle cramping

Carrying nutrients into and out of your cells

Flushes toxins and heavy metals

Preparation Instructions

Add good quality spring or artesian water to your jar until almost full. Wait 24 hours. You have now created your own saturated (26% salt) Solé electrolyte solution that is ready to use. As your Solé solution level drops with use, simply add more water. When all rocks dissolve, simply add more Salt of Life Salt refill rocks.

Every morning, stir one (1) teaspoon of Solé electrolytes in a glass of good quality water. Drink on an empty stomach before breakfast and do not eat for 15 minutes. It is important to do this daily for health & wellness.

Important Information

Detox Effect: Salt of Life Solé solution is powerful, so start slowly (with 1 tsp) and find the right amount for your body, particularly if you are an athlete or if you are an individual who is experiencing any muscle cramps in legs or feet. Please drink at least 2 litres of water a day. People with large amounts of heavy metals in their body, or those on medication may experience detox effects (diarrhoea, headaches, abdominal discomfort). This detox lasts for 7 -10 days only, if symptoms persist stop taking the solution on an empty stomach but consume it with food. Always use a clean Himalayan Salt like 'Salt of Life' and good clean water to produce the best effects and consult your doctor before starting any program.

* Lastly, do not use a metal spoon with your electrolyte solution as this will negate the ionic charge in the solution, instead opt for a wooden, glass or ceramic spoon to lift out your electrolytes.

1. Salt of Life is hand-mined without the use of explosives and mined in the ancient traditional method to increase the energy content to produce this Himalayan vitality drink.

2. Salt of Life Imports is proud to support ethical mining practices guaranteeing fair wage agreement for all employees and no child labor.

Third party Certification

The mine is third party certified with the International Organization for Standards (ISO) 9001 & 22000 for:

A. Certified for quality of company management

B. Certified for food safety

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Solé Electrolytes

Natural energy drink from the Hiimalayas


  • 1 tsp of this electrolyte solution is added to 8 oz of water in the morning, taken daily for health and wellness
  • Jar

Solé Electrolytes - Refill

Refill bag


  • 1 tsp of this electrolyte solution is added to 8 oz of water in the morning, taken daily for health and wellness
  • Refill bag for jar

Hiimalayan Salt - Fine Grind

Replaces the table salt and sea salt


  • Kitchen Uses
  • Cooking, Grilling, Seasoning, Roasting, Rimming Drinks, Spice Rubs, Creating Salt Infusions, Preserving & Canning
  • Spa & Wellness Uses
  • Exfoliating Body or Face Scrub, Neti-pot and Salt Water Hair Volumizer

Coarse Grind

Replaces the table or sea salt


  • Kitchen Uses
  • Salt Grinders & Mills, Roasting, Brining, Cooking, Preserving & Canning
  • Spa & Wellness Uses
  • Mineral Baths, Pedicure Soak, Neti pot and Salt inhaltion for Sinus issues.

Salt of Life Imports

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